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Course Descriptions

It is the mission of SMH to provide high quality, deep and meaningful educational experiences for healthcare providers interested in craniosacral work and interested in their own inner transformation. We have educational opportunities for both beginning and advanced students.


It is our vision to support healing and the evolution of consciousness, both planetary and personal, holding the Ground of Being as we meet our inherent true nature and Oneness.

Still Mountain Healer offers a full range of programs to meet your needs as an evolving healer. 


Course Descriptions

Craniosacral Mentorship Program

This mentorship program offers guidance and support to help you accelerate and deepen your journey into the mysteries of craniosacral work. This is an on-line live program (using the Zoom format) and is offered to all students and practitioners of craniosacral work.


Introduction to Craniosacral Work and Sensitive Touch 

Craniosacral Therapy is a holistic healing practice combining sensitive hands – on bodywork with the meditative use of the inner eye and inner ear. It is through light touch that the practitioner is able to feel subtle patterns of motion within the body – rhythms, pulls, pulsations – emanating from deep within the core structures of the body. By gently facilitating the subtle unwinding of these deep structures within the body, the Craniosacral therapist can enable the release of Craniosacral restrictions. Release at these profound regulatory levels in turn enables the release of disease conditions throughout the body.

In this one-day (sometimes 2 day) class, you will:

  • learn what Craniosacral Therapy is. (I will present a simplified version of the anatomy and physiology of the craniosacral system)

  • discover how to recognize the rhythm of the craniosacral system

  • learn basic craniosacral techniques to relieve pain and promote relaxation

  • receive hands-on instruction in craniosacral techniques that you can use on your family, friends or patients

  • experience your innate ability to provide healing energy to others and yourself.

This class is open to anyone who is interested in learning the fundamentals of Craniosacral Therapy.


Craniosacral Work: LEVEL 1: Groundwork

This class creates the groundwork on which to build your understanding and practice of this gentle yet powerful modality. Combined in this class are the primary elements of the technical and the analytical as well as the intuitive and visionary understanding of craniosacral work.

Students will learn the importance of practitioner preparation and practice techniques to develop sensitive hands, an open heart, and the inner stillness needed to apply this work.

Learn the history of craniosacral work, how to feel the cranial wave, the anatomy and physiology of the craniosacral system, energetics of the cranial bones and various ways to interact with the craniosacral system.  Learn to how to work safely and effectively to give your clients relief from pain and create the space for liberation, emotional freedom, and embodiment. Students will learn skills they can immediately incorporate into their current practice and life.


Craniosacral Work: LEVEL 2: The Art and Heart of Craniosacral Work

Continue the journey of building your understanding and skill in Craniosacral Work, deepening your ground of Being and unwavering presence as we explore various approaches to Craniosacral Work. We will journey from the more robust to the subtlest of touch. Develop your listening skills so you can sense the specific needs of your clients – what we call the “art of Craniosacral Work”. Hands on practice will include protocols to balance the neurocranium with the viscerocranium, a “Whole Body” protocol and the Biodynamic approach.


LEVEL 3: The Journey Home: Trauma, Nervous System Regulation and Unwinding

This class focuses on applying Craniosacral Work to assist our clients who are challenged by the effects of trauma. We will define and explore trauma and its effects on the nervous system, the brain, and other structures within the body. The ‘top down, bottom up’ approach to healing trauma will be discussed in depth.

We will explore the Polyvagal Theory and learn techniques and tools to recognize and address the different autonomic states of fight, flight or freeze.

Students will learn and practice Craniosacral techniques for nervous system regulation, whole body relaxation, up-regulation or down-regulation of brain structures, adrenals, and digestive system.

We will discuss Craniosacral Unwinding, its intention, indications and contraindications and practice techniques for unwinding areas of condensed energy.


Level 4: Navigating the Multi Layered Organism

In this level 4 class, we will continue the journey of building your understanding and skill in Craniosacral Work, deepening your ground of Being and unwavering presence as we explore various layers of the Craniosacral system. We will develop subtle palpation skills and listening skills to sense the tone and vibration of the layers – bone, fascia, muscle, ligament, membrane, brain, fluid, and energy. Techniques will range from the more robust to the subtlest of touch. Develop your listening and perception skills so you can sense the specific needs of your clients. Hands on practice will include a protocol to balance the bones, muscles, and soft tissues of the pelvis, a protocol to facilitate flow of the midline structures, and a protocol for using directed energy or intent to contact a nearby structure.

Some of the techniques will include techniques to mobilize spinal segments, the sacroiliac joints, pubis symphysis. We will access the vomer, ethmoid and sphenoid bones to balance the central pillar of the cranium. We will also apply CS work to muscles (psoas, piriformis and coccygeus).


Ethics for Licensed Massage Therapists:Relationship, Boundaries and Communication

This class fulfills the Ethics requirement for the OBMT license renewal NCBTMB Approved: 4 CE Hours.

This class will explore common challenges inherent in the Therapeutic Relationship.

  • Learn to navigate these challenges with increased confidence and skill.

  • Explore common client/practitioner Archetypes.

  • Learn to empower your Self and your clients.

  • Practice boundary setting so you are ready for real life situations


Advanced Studies

Advanced Studies

Thoracic Synthesis: 
Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques for the Thorax, Ribs, and Neck.

September 9-11, 2023 in Bend, Oregon


Bringing together over 60 decades of education, hands-on experience, teaching, Regina Callahan of Still Mountain Healer School of Craniosacral Studies and Elizabeth McClain of Boulder Bodyworks will be hosting this 3 day workshop in Bend, Oregon.

This class explores the significance of the thorax, rib cage and neck in contributing to restricted movement and breath which can lead to poor posture, chronic pain and decreased vitality.  

We will explore the complex anatomical and physiological systems of the thorax, which are often a source of restriction in chronic and acute pain of the neck, “shoulders”, and upper back.  And, yet in practice we often get drawn to the “obvious loud talkers” such as the neck,  low back, and headaches.

Students will learn muscle-skeletal techniques and techniques to help affect the physiological processes of breathing, heart rate, digestion, sleep, etc. which can contribute to a client’s pain. We will also explore the emotional aspects of restrictions in the thorax.  These restrictions can often occur with motor vehicle accidents, impact injuries, surgeries, and postural and repetitive stress.

We will teach integrating techniques from orthopedic bodywork, craniosacral therapy, osteopathic techniques, and visceral manipulation.

Prerequisite: LMT/Manual Therapist, PT, OT, DC



Advanced Studies 1:
An Integrative Approach to The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

It is estimated that 10 million Americans are affected by jaw problems and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). Imbalances in the muscles, bones and ligaments can have widespread influence throughout the body and nervous system.


This course presents an in-depth approach to deal with TMJ dysfunction and pain. TMD is a complex challenge, but one that can be addressed effectively with the techniques learned and practiced in this course.

In this course you will:

  • Learn detailed anatomy of the mandible and related structures

  • Understand possible causes and symptoms of jaw problems and TMD

  • Practice contacts and techniques for the jaw, hard palate, facial bones, and musculature to help bring the TMJ system back into balance and proper function.

  • Learn and practice self-help techniques that will benefit you and your clients.

  • Broaden your tool box with techniques from Craniosacral Work, Feldenkrais and Neuromuscular Reeducation.

  • Deepen your perceptual, grounding, listening and communication skills.


Advanced Craniosacral Studies 2: Whiplash and Concussion

Description coming soon!


Advanced Craniosacral Studies 3:

Description coming soon!

Certificate Program

Still Mountain Healer offers a certificate program. The curriculum is being fine-tuned. More information will be posted soon.


Those who do not wish to pursue the certificate program may opt to take the courses individually. You will learn skills in each class that you can immediately incorporate into your current practice.

Each core course includes 28 hours of in-class instruction (lecture, demonstration and plenty of hands-on practice). In addition you should expect to spend 5 to 10 hours of reading and review prior to each class.


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