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Craniosacral Work: LEVEL 3: 

The Journey Home: Trauma, Nervous System Regulation and Unwinding

Craniosacral Work

This class focuses on applying Craniosacral Work to assist our clients who are challenged by the effects of trauma. We will define and explore trauma and its effects on the nervous system, the brain, and other structures within the body. The ‘top down, bottom up’ approach to healing trauma will be discussed in depth.

We will explore the Polyvagal Theory and learn techniques and tools to recognize and address the different autonomic states of fight, flight or freeze.

Students will learn and practice Craniosacral techniques for nervous system regulation, whole body relaxation, up-regulation or down-regulation of brain structures, adrenals, and digestive system.

We will discuss Craniosacral Unwinding, its intention, indications and contraindications and practice techniques for unwinding areas of condensed energy.

We will discuss how to recognize a trauma response in a session. Students will learn the importance of having a toolbox of nervous system regulation tools if the client begins to exhibit signs of activation. We will explore and practice a variety of nervous system regulation tools (Mindfulness, Breathwork, Open Focus Brain, Embodiment) that we as practitioners can then in turn teach our clients.

Emphasis will be placed practitioner disposition, creating a safe container, listening skills, communication, discerning the needs of a client, when to refer, creating a network of referrals and resources. Scope of practice and ethics will be discussed.

We will continue to deepen and practice subtle palpation skills, attention training, and developing our extended awareness.

Indication and contraindications for all techniques will be discussed.

Note: This class does not make you a “trauma therapist”. Being a trauma therapist takes special training. That said, this class will give you tools and practices to assist a client should their nervous system become activated, and trauma arise within a session. It will give you tools and practices to share with a client that can support their healing journey as well as supporting your own personal healing journey.

Continuing Education Hours: Students will receive 28 CEs

Prerequisite: Still Mountain Healer Level 1: Groundwork and approval from the Director of Still Mountain Healer

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