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Thoracic Synthesis: 

Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques for the Thorax, Ribs, and Neck.

September 6-8, 2024 in Boulder, Colorado

Bringing together over 60 decades of education, hands-on experience, teaching, Regina Callahan of Still Mountain Healer School for Craniosacral Studies and Elizabeth McClain of Boulder Bodyworks will be hosting this 3 day workshop in Bend, Oregon.

This class explores the significance of the thorax, rib cage and neck in contributing to restricted movement and breath which can lead to poor posture, chronic pain and decreased vitality.  

We will explore the complex anatomical and physiological systems of the thorax, which are often a source of restriction in chronic and acute pain of the neck, “shoulders”, and upper back.  And, yet in practice we often get drawn to the “obvious loud talkers” such as the neck,  low back, and headaches.

Students will learn muscle-skeletal techniques and techniques to help affect the physiological processes of breathing, heart rate, digestion, sleep, etc. which can contribute to a client’s pain. We will also explore the emotional aspects of restrictions in the thorax.  These restrictions can often occur with motor vehicle accidents, impact injuries, surgeries, and postural and repetitive stress.

We will teach integrating techniques from orthopedic bodywork, craniosacral therapy, osteopathic techniques, and visceral manipulation.

Prerequisite: LMT/Manual Therapist, PT, OT, DC

Tuition: Early Bird $800 until July 26, 2024 at midnight PST. $900 after. 

For more information and to register, click HERE!

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