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Transformational Craniosacral Retreats

Take a refreshing deep dive into this gentle yet profound work.

Deepen your Craniosacral experience with an integrative approach to modern day Craniosacral Work blending integral tools of Mindfulness, Awareness, and Embodiment.

Craniosacral Retreats

Interested in a Craniosacral Retreat?

If you are interested in attending a Craniosacral Retreat, please express your interest by filling out the form below and we will let you know when we have something in the works!

Thank you! We will let you know when a retreat is happening!

About Regina Callahan

Regina Callahan, Director of Still Mountain Healer School of Craniosacral Studies brings to the classroom over three decades of sharing her passion for healing work. As a Milne Institute instructor of Visionary Craniosacral Work® for 18 years she has guided hundreds of students on their path of professional and personal development. Regina offers a grounded and welcoming approach that allows students to relax and tap into their unique gifts and skills.

About Jenny DeDecker

Jenny DeDecker, Instructor at Still Mountain Healer School of Craniosacral Studies, is owner of Full Moon Rising, a wellness studio in Norway, MI, where she offers bodywork, yoga and meditation instruction, and doula and lactation services.  She has been a student of Craniosacral Work for over a decade and teaching next to Regina since 2007. Jenny has been practicing mindfulness for over 20 years and is currently completing her M.S. in Mind-Body Medicine, transitioning into the PhD program in the fall of 2019.  Jenny has a passion for teaching compassionate care and mindfulness, advocating for a kinder world.

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