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New Mentoring Program starts september 2020!

Details Below!

There are several mentoring formats to choose from: 

* NEW! Taking the Mystery Out of Craniosacral Work - a Mentorship Course Part I

This is a 4 part webinar NCBTMB Approved program 10 CE Hours

* One-on-One or Small Group LIVE or On-Line Mentoring

Are you reveling in the mysteries of Craniosacral Work?


Are you as confused - wishing you had a map and compass to navigate the subtleties?

Wouldn’t you just love to have guidance and support on your deepening journey?


Do you find that you are hesitating to practice Craniosacral Work because you lack the confidence?


You don’t know how to explain what you are doing?


No more sitting on the sidelines!

This work is so needed in the world right now!! Let’s set you on your path!!


Are you a sensitive or empath and find that you take on your client’s “stuff”?

Maybe you feel a bit spun out or exhausted after doing a session?


Wouldn’t you love to learn how to hold sacred space for your clients without losing your self or your health?

There are so many layers and mysteries to play with in Craniosacral Work – from the anatomy, to the structural and subtle energetic layers that we interact with, to the inherent waves of Cranial Rhythmic Impulse, Fluid Tide and Long tide, to the opening of your channels of perception, to learning to be a grounded presence and how to skillfully communicate with clients.


And there are all those bones and membranes and fluids and techniques and signs and symptoms. Oh my!


Do you wish you had someone who understands the journey that could reassure you and point you in the right direction?  





Taking the Mystery Out of Craniosacral Work - a Mentorship Course 1

A live on-line webinar using Zoom

NCBTMB Approved for 10 CE Hours

Open to all students and practitioners of Craniosacral Work.

Note: This is not a beginner CS course. You must have completed at least 1 CS course.

Otherwise, you will not understand what I am sharing.


The intention of this mentoring program is to help to clarify common areas of confusion, to build and deepen one’s understanding of Craniosacral Work and to train highly skilled Craniosacral Work practitioners.

This is a live four-part on-line webinar series – each segment addressing different areas of CS work. We will emphasize practitioner disposition to help create presence and keen listening skills. We will deepen understanding of the anatomy of the cranial bones, sacrum, membranes, and fluids and their relationships with surrounding structures. We will present signs and symptoms, indications and contraindications to help promote safety in a session.


You heeded the call to Craniosacral Work. (It called to you, right?)

Let’s get some of your questions answered so that you can more confidently do your work!!


YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Regina Callahan

It is a great joy of mine to guide students in their learning process, to share my expertise, experience, and the energetic transmission of this beautiful and mysterious body of work!


I am the founder and director of Still Mountain Healer School for Craniosacral Studies. I LOVE Craniosacral Work!! I love interacting with the layers, the fields, the subtleties, the ever-emerging mysteries. I have passionately taught this magical work for over 20 years. I served as a Milne Institute Visionary Craniosacral Work® Instructor and Supervisor for over 18 years.  My added skills of Orthopedic Massage, Neuromuscular Re-education, and Visceral Manipulation serve to enhance the learning experience.

I have delightfully helped many a student navigate this sometimes exciting and sometimes confusing and mysterious path. I can point you in a new direction or help you to focus your attentions to a new realm. All questions are welcome!

Taking the Mystery Out of Craniosacral Work - a Mentorship Course Part 1 includes:

  • 4 2-hour webinars on Zoom

  • 1 one-on-one Zoom mentoring with Regina Callahan (scheduled in between webinars or after the course)

  • Suggested reading and practices sent to you via email

  • Suggested practice sessions to deepen what you have learned

This is an NCBTMB Approved class. You will receive a certificate for 10 CE Hours upon full completion of the course.

Craniosacral Mentoring 1 webinars will offer:

  • Clarification on models of CS movement (an all too common area of confusion!)

  • Address the sacrum and its relationships to the pelvis and lumbar spine (and it’s quirky spinal biomechanics)

  • The (oh so important!!) sphenoid bone, sphenobasilar joint

  • The (very influential) respiratory diaphragm and mediastinum area (and you will hear me say…”ALL stress and trauma affect the diaphragm”).

  • At the foundation of this mentoring will be “practitioner disposition” - how to hold space from a healthy and whole unwavering presence, how to  maintain healthy boundaries (that is… how do we not take on other people’s stuff).

  • Q and A: Time will be given in each webinar for interactive questions and answers. There will be an opportunity to submit your question via email prior to a webinar. Note: Given potential time restraints not all questions will get addressed in the webinar. Your questions can be addressed in our one-on-one mentoring session.


Course Format:

4 2-hour webinars offered every 2 weeks

Dates and times:

Webinars will meet for on Zoom 2 Tuesdays each month beginning  September 22, October 6, October 20, November 10 from 10:00 am-12:00 pm Pacific Time 12:00 pm - 2:00 Central time 1:00-3:00 pm Eastern US time

The webinars will be recorded so if you are unable to make the scheduled webinar you can watch at a more convenient time. Webinars will be recorded and available to replay within 48 hours


A one-on- one Zoom mentoring session with Regina Callahan (if you live in Bend, OR this could potentially be a live mentoring session (using phase II Covid protocol). You can schedule your one-on-one for in between webinars or after the course.

Early Bird Price
$247 until September 8, 2020 at 9 pm PT/12 am ET
Regular Price
$297 until September 22, 2020 at 9 am PT/11 am ET



This mentorship program offers guidance and support to help you accelerate and deepen your journey into the mysteries of craniosacral work. We offer one-on-one or small group sessions or on-line live program (using the Zoom format) and is offered to all students and practitioners of craniosacral work.

Cost | $100/hour
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and I will contact you to set up a meeting time.

Regina has been my mentor in the field of Craniosacral Therapy since more than a year. Receiving her mentorship has helped me gain trust in my practice as well as grounding my intuition and develop my personal approach to the work. Her guidance is rooted in kindness and she naturally engage conversations that nourish my learning process and my curiosity. I have gained tremendously from her generous feedback and suggestions. She has invited me to broaden my perspective, dare experiments, and develop precision in my skills. Beyond her mastery in the work of Craniosacral Therapy, Regina has a vast diversity of skills and philosophy applicable to therapeutic bodywork which makes her guidance one of a kind. I am full of gratitude to be studying with her.

Eva Perrotta, LMT, RSMT-E
Registered Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator

Craniosacral Therapy

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